Flipped Box Studios

Update! Here is the very first trailer/teaser which should give you the feeling what we are aiming for.

Welcome to Flipped Box Studios!

What do we do here? It's simple - we are trying to make our dreams come true. But let's narrow this and be more specific. As a team, we are currently working on a sci-fi story driven FPS (First Person Shooter). It is a single player focused game (sorry guys, but multiplayer is not in our near future plans) that hopefully will stand up and meet your needs as players. We believe that we have a story to tell but we do not want to bore you to death either -- for those with itchy fingers -- get ready to get your hands dirty! The setting is fresh and we try very hard to make it look and work well.

How it is going with the development? -- So far so good. We are making progress in small steps but it is a constant forward motion. We do not believe in crunch but some of us (the "crazy ones", but hey -- every project needs some "crazy ones" to pull it together, so let's give them a shoutout as a sign of gratitude) do it anyway, because they love to give their best!

Stay tuned! More information about the game will be released soon as for now we want to keep it in secret until we feel confident about the quality (don't worry, the name, logo and other stuff is already there). At this point you can check out our openings (wanna join us? we are always keen for enthusiastic people), see our gallery of chosen concept arts and renders (new images are added once in a while), write on our forum and get in touch via social media channels. If you are interested joining us you can get contact information here.