Flipped Box Studios

Update! Here is the very first trailer/teaser which should give you the feeling what we are aiming for.

We are working on a story driven FPS game which is taking place in near future. More information will be released soon! Right now you can check out our gallery which includes concept arts and renders from our work.

Target systems: PC/Windows
Gameplay type: single player

We build this world from the very scratch, having particular vision in mind. We hope you will find it interesting enough to dive and get lost for at least couple of hours. But we must warn you - it could be a treacherous place to explore. Be on the qui vive, Player...

Our aim is not to create "just another shooter" (not that it is bad or anything, there is time and place for everything). We want give this game some meaning. This is why behind most of the characters that you will meet -- there will be a story.

Even though we are giving much attention to the story, we still want this game to be fun to play. Future sci-fi setting gives us lots of freedom in this field.

We are developing our own engine and tools for this game. Obviously this is going to take some time before we can show actual gameplay. We realize that this is enormous task, but we are not the kind of people that cut corners and we are still up for the challenge ("Never give up! - Never surrender!"). Current codename for the game engine is "Paper Engine" and for the toolkit "Origami Editor". Keep your eyes and ears open (or you can just subscribe to our social media channels for instant updates), because this is not the last time you hear about them!