Flipped Box Studios

We are looking for new members to our team. In particular:

Concept artists

- deliver mature and well polished concepts for characters, guns and combat gear, vehicles, machines and environmental props (you can choose your field if you're specialized in only one type of concept arts)
- be able to produce high quality concepts that are actually useful for 3d artists (at first general concepts outlining the idea, then detailed turnarounds, you have to be able to finish what you've started)
- be open to conctructive criticism
- be creative and eager to submit own ideas that work well with our vision, be active and participate in shaping our new world
- understanding of male and female anatomy, body proportions, facial expressions is required (all of these are required for character concept artist)
- understanding of mechanic designs and usability (mech, robotics, vehicles)
- understanding of perspective, light and shadowing (for environment artists it's a must)
- any comic art or storyboarding experience would be a great plus (you will produce cinematic sequences that will guide 3d team)
- tools - digital art is highly preferred (it's usually more clear and allows easy manipulation and editing): Photoshop, Gimp, Painter; but traditional art is also acceptable if you can meet the requirements
- interest in sci-fi genre and technological news is desired

2d artists

- producing textures and unwrapping models - PRIORITY
- be able to produce diffuse maps, normal maps (sculpt and bake), specular maps and glow maps
- experience in designing menus and logo will be beneficial

Level designers

- design and produce levels using delivered assets and tools
- cooperate with programmers (feedback) on level editor and engine development


- design, produce and maintain our website
- HTML, CSS, JavaScript and basic PHP is a must
- MySQL/FLASH is desired
- possibly integrate and manage our social media accounts (if want)
- SEO will be a plus

Musician/SFX specialist

- produce various ingame sounds (foley)
- produce background music (musican/composer)
- direct and/or produce voiceovers (voice actor)


- Strong C/C++ skills with OOP knowledge required
- Lua skills desired
- Component entity system experience desired
- OpenGL/D3D desired
- AI/gameplay experience desired
- Good 3d math skills (vectors, quaternions, matrices) and problem solving skills are essential
- Git knowlegde will be beneficial

At some degree we are open to suggestions and new ideas, so you have plenty of artistic freedom. For more informations send us an email at flippedbox [ at ] gmail [ dot ] com with your portfolio link and/or samples. You will receive test task(s) that will prove you're man (or woman :) of actions, not words. This project is unpaid, so far we don't have much funds but we are decided to put commitment into it and will continue this long journey. All of the roles require highly motivated spirits that are willing to put lot of effort in this project and also good communication skills are essential.

You will be asked to sign an NDA after completing test task(s) and before entering our team (over 18's only).

What you gain:

- experience
- you can use your works on portfolio (assets not breaching NDA, ie plot unrelated, for models this means renders only, not downloadable 3d models)
- be part of fun and original project (your name will me mentioned in credits)
- possible future compensation when project gets successful (we have in mind several funding scenarios)


1. I want to help but I don't have any particular skill. Can I contribute to the project in any way?
Yes, actually there are few ways you can help. First and easiest way would be spreading the word about us and project we are working on. Tell your friends, family and even your dog (as long as s/he can play our game :) about us! The simplest way would be to subscribe to our social media channels - twitter, facebook and youtube. Another way would be to support us financially, since we do not have the privilage to have a publisher patting our backs. We are preparing few solutions that will allow you to do that.

2. Do I need to send CV or resume?
No, that's not a must. We prefer seeing portfolis, samples and links to projects you were involved in.

3. I am under 18. Can I join the team?
We are sorry but only over 18's can join the team because you will need to sign an NDA contract from the day one.